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These are some of the finest automobiles in the world. To keep them running at their very best, we do scheduled maintenance and follow the service recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer, including:

  • Change Engine Coolant
  • Change Transmission Fluid and Filter
  • Change Engine Oil and Replace Oil Filter
  • Inspect and Change Cabin Air Filter
  • Inspect and Rotate Tires
  • Inspect Engine Cooling System and Hoses
  • Inspect Brake Pads, Shoes, Rotors, Drums, Brake Line, Hoses, and Parking Brake
  • Replace Brake Fluid
  • Inspect Exhaust System
  • Replace Engine Air Filter
  • Replace Fuel Filter
  • Replace Spark Plugs
  • Inspect Rear Differential Fluid
  • Service Inspection
  • Inspect/Replace Power Steering Fluid
  • Inspect Accessory Drive Belt Condition
  • Transfer Case Flush/Fluid Exchange

This scheduled maintenance assures you will continue to receive the performance and luxury features that your car was designed to give you. We at Adam’s AutoWerks want you to enjoy your luxury performance vehicle for as long as possible, and keeping your vehicle serviced as above is the very best way to make sure you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Service Reminders

service-reminderSign-up today for service interval reminders such as: oil & filter, brakes, tires, and more... These parts are designed to wear & need to be replaced before any major damage occurs. We can help.